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  • Academy Award Winning Lenses

    Handcrafted in England since 1894, Cooke lenses have been trusted and favoured by cinematographers for over a century for their unparalleled fusion of sharpness, tonal warmth and depth.

    • Credits
      • Fugitive dreams
      • Director of Photography: Peter Simonite ASC
  • A Vsion For The Future

    Created by Cooke for the film industry, /i Technology provides valuable lens data for each frame shot, streamlining production and post and eliminating the need for guesswork.

    • Credits
      • No Loss, No Gain
      • Director of Photography: Kate Steinhebel & John Sedlack
  • Life Through Our Lens

    Browse interviews with world-renowned cinematographers, our Shot On Cooke showcase and a library of the Cooke back catalogue.

    • Credits
      • The Spy
      • Director of Photography: Anton Mertens SBC
  • The Cooke LookTM

    Discover more about the coveted Cooke Look, its distinct yet subtle rendering and the heritage, innovation and craft behind it.

    • Credits
      • The Prayer
      • Director of Photography: Brendan "Bugsy" Barnes SASC
  • Join The Cooke Society

    Learn more about The Cooke Society - a global community for our customers, users, friends and fans of Cooke lenses. As a member of The Cooke Society, you can expect to be the first to learn about new product announcements, weekly Cooke Optics TV episodes and our live YouTube broadcasts with the likes of Lawrence Sher.

    You’ll hear about events Cooke is hosting or attending in advance, as well as receive the latest news on films, television, music videos and commercials that are #ShotOnCooke. Providing a unique look behind the curtain of industry leading productions, receive insight and knowledge from the global Cooke team as it happens.

    • Credits
      • Birds of Paradise
      • Director of Photography: Shaheen Seth